This site is dedicated to helping you realize your vision of success, intentionally. Learn to avoid the missteps that impact so many, so you can reach your goals.

You'll find information here that goes beyond the ordinary. I share insider insights into issues and challenges that most only learn through bitter experience.
     I'll share the lessons I learned in face to face conversations with real business people. I learned the lessons I'll share from real entrepreneurs who started, grew and sold real businesses.

Here you'll discover the underlying drivers and root causes of success and failure.

After earning my MBA and certified business advisor credentials, I've been honored with the privilege of coaching more than
     • 100 startups along with over
     • 1,000 business clients, delivering more than
     • 10,000 hours of coaching and helping clients raise over
     • 10,000,000 dollars in business growth funding

I built this site, recorded these interviews and offer these books to share with you the many lessons my clients have taught me.

Readings for the busy entrepreneur

Get the answers to frequently-asked questions, and learn about the seldom-asked questions that frequently need answers!


13 most asked startup questions (PDF download)

Most popular startup questions, with Kevin's snappy answers!

Overcome inertia with a bias for action (PDF download)

Get started on getting started by developing the willingness to act without extensive analysis or further delay.

Achieve success through persistence (PDF download)

Develop your commitment to persistence, the most important factor in reaching your goals.

Preparing for a Recession (PDF download)

Whether or not a recession lands, we can prepare today to be stronger and more sustainable.

Kevin's latest books, coming soon

A book called Seven Secrets of Small Business Success   A book called Geting Money to Start   A book called Startup Wipeout

You'll get concise, focused information about specific topics taken from my years of experience coaching small business owners.

Learn the lessons others have learned, without the pain and loss. These books pull back the curtain in my coaching sessions, letting you peek over my shoulder and learn from my client interactions. Sign up below to get insider updates.

In 7 Secrets of Small Business Success, I'll share mission critical issues too many startups overlook in their frantic race to market. I wrote this book to save you the from the missteps that can crush your progress. See more about this book in the video series, here.

7 Secrets of Getting Money to Start will disclose the insider tips and tricks I used to help my clients raise 10 million dollars to start small businesses. I'll also confirm what you already suspected about where not to go for funding. Click here to read an excerpt from the book.. See more about this book in the video series, here

In Startup Wipeout I reveal the unforced errors and benign blunders that send startups to an early exit. Too many startups make innocent mistakes that doom their sincere efforts to certain disaster.
     Unable to turn back the clock and undo the damage these startups have done to themselves, I resolved to write this book to warn future startups of the perils of poorly chosen actions.
      In these heartbreaking tales of the human cost of small business failure, I tell stories of clients who didn't know what they didn't know; all who paid terribly for their ignorance.
     Fictionalized for my clients' protection and offered to you for your protection. Interested? Click here to read a sample.

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Books you can read right now

A few of the business readings we've talked about on the air. Popular and highly regarded.

E myth revisited E myth in 15 minutes Hermanisms $100 startups

Books you can read for free

Research historic business books and see that everything old really is new again. 100, 500 and even 2000 years ago, people were addressing the same issues we face today. These original, early volumes might not accommodate modern sensibilities. Reader discretion is advised.

Roman Farm Management History of the American clock business Scientific Management Business Correspondence

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